Moving Into a New Property Call a Locksmith!

Moving Into a New Property? Call a Locksmith!

When you are preparing to move into a new home or office, you have a lot on your mind. However, there is a very important first step to take to ensure your new space is safe and secure. Are you moving into a new property? Call a locksmith!

Why should you call a locksmith? To sum it up, a knowledgeable technician will be able to help you make sure your locks are secure. It is very important to change your locks or have them re-keyed to make sure your locks are in new or proper working order and that you are the only one with a key to gain access to your doors.

Moving into a new property? Call a locksmith!

Whether your new property is a home, apartment, condominium, or office space, if there was a previous owner, you cannot be too sure who has a copy of the key that opens your doors. Especially if it is a property that has been leased for years, there could have been many people coming through or handing copies of the keys to people they trusted but you do not know. These people who may have access to your front door include housekeepers, friends, family members, babysitters, roommates, spouses, or contractors or landscaping personnel. There may have even been a “Do Not Duplicate” marked on the keys, but this rarely stops others from copying the keys. The previous owner trusted the keys to them, but they are strangers to you.

Moving Into a New Property Call a Locksmith!

Changing the locks v. re-keying

If your locks are in good shape, you may be able to have the locks re-keyed as opposed to changing them. This would save you some money as the entire lock doesn’t need to be taken out and replaced but rather only the inner cylinder but will require using a new key to open the lock.

Before you set up your furniture, move in your valuables, or place your head on your pillow to spend the first night in your new home, make sure you are protected from potential break-in attempts. In addition to having your new locks changed or re-keyed, a professional locksmith can also walk you through security tips such as:

  • Do the doors close properly?
  • Examine the bottoms of the doors to make sure they haven’t been kicked in
  • Are there signs of scuffing around the lock or elsewhere on the door where someone may have attempted entry?
  • Are the locks in good working condition?
  • >Do the door handles feel secure?
  • Are the door handles properly connected to the door frame and undamaged?
  • Are the windows or window frames damaged?
  • Do the windows seal properly?
  • Do the windows open and close securely?
  • Talk with neighbors and ask about safety in the area to determine whether or not you need extra security.
  • Assess whether or not extra security measures such as a straight bolt or high-security locks are needed.
  • Evaluate the need for a safe to keep your valuables secure.

Are you moving into a new property? Call a locksmith! Contacting a qualified professional locksmith is the most important first step after closing on a house or moving furniture into a new house to have your locks changed or re-keyed so that you are absolutely sure you are the only one able to unlock your doors.