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Securing Your Home

Securing Your Home

You may feel safe and secure inside your home, but burglary statistics may surprise you. Even in safe neighborhoods, it is important to know the proper steps for securing your home. Take these extra steps to make sure your home is safe and deters potential intruders. This article was written by a professional and experienced locksmiths. If you have any further questions please contact us and we will be happy to help.

Securing Your Home Tips

Exterior Doors – The doors on the exterior of our house are the most important points to secure. Believe it or not, many burglars actually easily find entry to a home through an unlocked door or window. Make sure you select the highest grade of security for all of your entrances to the house. Usually the best option is a regular doorknob lock accompanied with a dead-bolt. The door knob lock will allow you to open the door with a key while the dead-bolt lock adds an extra level of assurance. Lock them from the inside with thumb turns and from the outside with a key, or select a dead-bolt that locks with a key from both sides.

Inside Your Home – Most inside doors come stock with what is called a privacy lock. These interior privacy locks offer a lower grade of security than an exterior door lock. You simply turn the door knob lock from the inside and use a basic key lock to gain entry from the other side of the door. If the outside doors are secure, these privacy locks are often sufficient. Though, there are more secure options if you prefer.

Cabinets, Safes, and Guns – Always make sure filing cabinets that contain important papers, safes, and gun cabinets are under sufficient lock and key. These locks usually come as cylinder and mortise style locks.

Garage – One point of entry that home invaders seem to know about but home owners often overlook is the garage. Not only are some of your costly investments, such as your vehicle, bikes, tools, or other recreational items, stored inside your garage; but, there is also often a door inside the garage that leads to the living quarters. View these doors as you would any other exterior door, even though it is technically guarded by the large rolling garage door when closed. Always have a dead bolt installed on the door that leads into the house. Secondly, make sure our automatic garage door has a secure code or frequency. Take the extra step of security, and consider having a garage door lock installed. Always padlock the garage door throw latch whenever you are headed out of town for business or vacation.

Outside Gates – If you have a fenced-in back yard or swimming pool, you probably have a gate that allows access to this area. Install locks on the gates as an extra measure of security. Of course, if the fence is a low fence, it can still be jumped over if the intruder is persistent, but any level of security that makes the burglar have to work at getting in is one step closer to sending the crook to a different, less secure location.

Home Security

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